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Hayward Teachers Media Strike Team “The Truth”

When Hayward teachers struck in April 2007, a group of teachers decided to launch a daily video strike bulletin. This ...
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Tech Workers Unite & Fight! Lanetix CWA Workers Fight Union Busting In SF

Dozens of tech workers rallied in San Francisco on 3/2/18 to protest the illegal firing of 14 Lanetix software engineers ...
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Murder & Strikebreaking At Bay Point Henkel Aerospace: CEO Hans Van Bylen’s War On Workers

Eighty four Henkel Aerospace IAM 1584 workers went on strike on October 16, 2017 at Henkel's Bay Point plant in ...
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“Fix It Now”! Tens of Thousands March in London To Defend UK National Healthcare Service NHS!

Tens of thousands of UK medical workers and supporters of the National Health Service marched in London on February 3, ...
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Korean Oracle Workers Strike & Struggle For Justice/Fighting Cyber-serfdom

Korean Oracle workers have been on strike since May 16, 2018 over health and safety conditions and wages. The average ...
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South Africa Suffers Capitalist Crisis Déjà Vu

A year ago, the majority of South Africans stared into the abyss. They faced either a continuation of corrupt misrule ...
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