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“Our struggle must not go unheeded, but rather, it should be allowed to have as much publicity as possible for the sake of future generations of Labor.

We are an important facet of American history, and our story needs to be preserved, no matter if we are seen as right or wrong.”
Written by a PATCO Striker…..

Times Up !

On August 3, 1981,an autocratic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), forced and caused the nation wide strike by over 11,500 air traffic controllers. It was clear from the beginning that the FAA had no intentions of reaching an acceptable agreement with the union at the negotiating table; instead they chose  surface and bad faith bargaining tactics that only frustrated, angered and insulted the membership and profession. Strike !
President Reagan had promised to address the controllers concerns and  grievances, but he liedto the union and controllers, and instead chose to fire the solution and keep the problems. Reagans hard line anti-union animus decision was to fire all the strikers; blacklist and ban them from their profession for life. In addition, he ordered hundreds of strikers and union leaders to be arrested, fined, convicted and jailed for withholding their services. Reagan thought the controllers would cave to his 48 hour ultimatum and go running back to FAA; but he was wrong, because the strikers stood together in solidarity all across the USA, and never returned.

Union Busting was the Reagan goal……
  The air traffic control system today is still recovering from the rippling effects of the strike, but changes would take place in spite of the Administration and FAA’s stupidty. The FAA was forced to change their autocratic style of management and address the grievances and workplace conditions that caused the strike. None of this would have ever happened had it not been for the actions and sacrifices of the PATCO strikers who walked the picket line fighting for their profession. In a nutshell, the gains, achievments and improvements within the FAA today are the direct results of the PATCO Union strike on August 3, 1981. 

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Solidarity to the Brothers & Sisters that stood together to fight for their profession.