Arnautoff Presentations: Beyond The Controversy: The GWGS & The Removal of Public Art

The issue of public art and the murals of famed San Francisco Communist artist Victor Arnautoff was the focus of a meeting on July 9, 2019. Speakers included labor historian Robert Cherney, Anautaoff’s biographer, Lope Yap, Jr. (Washington High Alumni Association) and Harvey Smith (Living New Deal and National New Deal Preservation Association). In the middle of Cherny’s presention a disruption was. organized by supporters of “Paint The Murals Down” who want to destroy the murals at George Washington High. The San Francisco Unified School District Board of Directors voted unaimously to pay up to $800,000 to destroy the murals and they had the support of the SFSD Superintendent Matthews.

This was sponsored by National New Deal Preservation and Living New Deal and was part of

Production of Labor Video Project