Korean KCTU Asahi Glass AGC Workers Rally In Tokyo To Protest Union Busting Discharges

On March 29, 2019 a delegation of fired Korean workers at Asahi Glass Corporation AGC who are members of Asahi Glass In-house Subcontracting Workers Union rallied at the headquarters of the Mitsubishi owned company in Tokyo.
They spoke out how they were fired after they joined the KCTU because of the oppressive conditions by AGC of employees in Korea.
It is illegal for workers to be fired for joining a union in Korea but AGC was adamant against the temporary workers unionizing.
They were joined by other labor activists and the International solidarity committee of the railway workers union Doro-Chiba.
For more information:
Doro-Chiba International Solidarity Committee
Asahi Glass workers stage protest against court’s ruling on labor unions
Posted on : Mar.8,2018 16:08 KST Modified on : Mar.8,2018 16:08 KST
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Korean workers from Asahi Glass’ factory in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province travelled to Japan to stage a demonstration outside the House of Representatives of the Japanese Diet in Tokyo on Mar. 7 after the company was ruled to have illegally dispatched irregular workers to its subcontractors. The company was also criticized for firing workers who were involved in organizing labor unions. “I worked like a machine at Asahi Glass for nine years. I couldn’t endure it anymore and formed a labor union, but a month later, I lost my job,” said 36-year old Nam Ki-yong, who served as head of the union. Japanese citizens joined in the demonstration, chanting “Stop treating workers like disposable products.” (by Cho Ki-weon, Tokyo correspondent)
ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD. V Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and Korean Metal Workers’ Union (KMWU)
NCP DecisionAccepted
Current StatusOngoing
Date Submitted 05/08/2015
Case Duration190 weeks and 3 days so far
Host CountrySouth Korea (OECD member)
Issue(s)Retaliation for forming a trade union; contract workers
Provisions CitedII.A.2 II.A.3 II.A.4 II.A.11 II.A.13 II.A.14 IV.1 IV.2 IV.6 V.1-a V.3 V.6 V.7 V.8
Case DescriptionIn August 2015, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and Korean Metal Workers Union filed a complaint at the South Korean NCP against the Japanese multinational enterprise, AGC Asahi Glass, for violations of trade union rights at its subsidiary Asahi Glass Fine Techno Korea. The contract workers are employed by a labour agency, but work for Asahi Glass Fine Techno Korea. When the contract workers established a trade union, the Asahi Glass Fine Techno Korea unilaterally terminated the subcontracting contract so that the workers lost their jobs.
Lead NCPSouth Korea NCP : Independent Expert Body
Multinational CompanyAGC ASAHI GLASS (Home country: Japan)
Local CompanyAsahi Glass Fine Techno Korea (Home country: South Korea)
Lead ComplainantKMWU : National Sectoral Union
Lead ComplainantKCTU- Korea : National Centre
Supporting ComplainantJapan NCP : Interministerial Body
Affected Party Asahi Glass In-house Subcontracting Workers Union : Company Union
Production of Labor Video Project

Japan UAL Flight Attendants Protest Discriminatory firing Of Japanese Flight Attendants

Japanese flight attendants who worked for UAL and Continental before the merger was completed were illegally fired by UAL despite Japanese labor law that requires a reason for being discharged. They rallied on 3/2819 in Tokyo at the Japanese labor court to get an order that returns them to their jobs with UAL.The 4 UAL Japanese  flight attendents have been fighting since the merger to get their jobs back but United refuses  to return them to their jobs. The workers are members of Zenroh a Japanese union and would not be in the CWA-AFA which represents nearly all the flight attendants in the United States.

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