May Day 2019 – Oakland / California

Hundreds of longshore workers from the bay area, LA and Canada along with other trade unionists joined the May Day Rally at the Port of Oakland initiated by ILWU Local 10. Also joining them were other speakers including CWA AFA president Sara Nelson. She spoke about the reasons she called for a general strike. Oakland Teachers Association president Keith Brown also spoke about public education and the lack of funding while money was available for stadiums.

Why We Are Goin Out On May Day-ILWU & Allies Speak At Port Of Oakland Press Conference

Labor and community supporters of the May Day 2019 rally and march starting at the Port of Oakland spoke at a press conference on 4/30/19 in front of the Port of Oakland offices.Speakers included the ILWU Local 10, Oakland Education Association, SEIU 87, Alliance For Independent Workers.Workers discussed the attacks on labor gentrification and the effort to privatize the Port Of Oakland. The Port May Day rally and march along with the Oakland Oscar Grant Rally. The Pacifica May Day Broadcast will be streamed live on May Day.

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ILWU 10, May Day 2019, The A’s Port Stadium, Privatization & Gentrification In Oakland

WorkWeek radio looks at the coming May Day 2019 and the plans of ILWU Local 10 to close the docks for the day. They are also focusing on developers and politicians who are pushing to build a stadium on the Howard Terminals. Lawrence Thibeaux, the past president of ILWU Local 10 and president of ILWU Local 10 pensioners along with Clarence Thomas past Secretary Treasurer of ILWU Local 10 and with the May Day Organizing Committee. They discuss the history of the ILWU, the San Francisco 1934 general strike, racism and gentrification of San Francisco with Candlestick Park Stadium. John Fisher who owns the A’s is seeking with the support of Mayor Libby Shaaf to build a new stadium on Howard Terminal in the port of Oakland. Thibeaux reports that if this stadium is built along with thousands of million dollar condos it will end up destroying the port of Oakland and the thousands of maritime jobs.

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