Principles and Organization of International Labor Media Network ILMN

The ILMN is established to be an international multi-media platform for working people throughout the world in which workers and unions from every country of the world can broadcast and communicate their issues and struggles. Towards this goal the platform will allow for content directly from workers struggles and their issues.

The need for workers information on their struggles and issues so they can educate their fellow workers and workers around the world is a critical task and the use of communication technology is vital for this task. As the world economy is linked by multi-nationals and workers in these multi-nationals face the same issues the need of workers in these companies and industries must link up if they are to be successful in their struggles and ILMN will be a vehicle to develop this education and solidarity through international worker communication.

This platform and channel will also address issues that face the world working class such as privatization, outsourcing, democratic worker rights, climate threats and the dangers of imperialist wars that worker against workers in the world. The survival and future  of the world working class is at stake in these growing struggles.

The ILMN will support worker and union initiatives on these questions and will support national and international initiatives and actions to defend working people in every country.

The organizing committee will establish an admin organizing committee which meets monthly  that will be responsible for establishing and building this channel and the division of labor for the work of this channel. It will be an international labor media communication network and channel that will also be help build the infrastructure of build workers power throughout the world and invite all workers, unions and worker organizations to contribute to this effort.