Tech Workers Unite & Fight! Lanetix CWA Workers Fight Union Busting In SF

Dozens of tech workers rallied in San Francisco on 3/2/18 to protest the illegal firing of 14 Lanetix software engineers who had joined the CWA and were seeking unionization and a contract. The workers rally took place at the the office of Lanetix in San Francisco and participants talked the about issues facing tech workers and why they need a union to defend their rights. They also talked about the support for striking West Virginia teachers.


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Murder & Strikebreaking At Bay Point Henkel Aerospace: CEO Hans Van Bylen’s War On Workers

Eighty four Henkel Aerospace IAM 1584 workers went on strike on October 16, 2017 at Henkel’s Bay Point plant in California to protect their health and safety conditions at the plant that manufactures adhesives for Boeing and other airline companies. The company has prevented proper health and safety conditions which directly led to the death in 2013 of a temporary worker 26-year-old David Eleidjian who was also an ex-Marine. After only a month on the job he was working alone and pulled into a mixing machine. The company was fined $200,00 by OSHA for these serious violations that led to Eleidjian’s death but was not prosecuted by the District Attorney for murder. They have also continued the same deadly work practices in the factory that has led to serious burns and other injuries in the dangerous process of producing these adhesives. These dangerous working conditions were also an important reason that workers went to the IAM to protect their rights and prevent further injuries and deaths on the job. They have also retaliated and discriminated against union leaders and members at the plant in an effort to get the union out of the plant. The company has also brought in a national union replacement/strike breaking company Strom Engineering with scab workers. This company also trained and brought in 3,000 mechanics to break the strike of the Northwest Airline mechanics who were also members of the IAM. Henkel is now spending millions of dollars on these strikebreakers and temporary workers at Bay Point to destroy the union at the plant. The chairman of the management board of Henkel, Hans Van Bylen made $6,976,661.01last year 2016 in salary and compensation. The company which is based in Düsseldorf Germany also has a unionized cosmetic plant in Berkeley, California that has provided scab supervisors and is also the owner of Dial soap. They have unionized plants throughout Europe and say that they are in a partnership with labor. Henkel also is the owner of the product Dial soap which is very profitable for them in the United States.

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“Fix It Now”! Tens of Thousands March in London To Defend UK National Healthcare Service NHS!

Tens of thousands of UK medical workers and supporters of the National Health Service marched in London on February 3, 2018 against the privatization and destruction of the public health service by the Tory May government. They said people were dying as a result of cuts, outsourcing and profiteering by contractors retained by the May government. Teachers and other workers and people who desperately need healthcare also spoke out about how the NHS saved their lives and children. Many supported Labor Party leader Jeremy Corby and had sharp words of US president Donald Trump.

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Korean Oracle Workers Strike & Struggle For Justice/Fighting Cyber-serfdom

Korean Oracle workers have been on strike since May 16, 2018 over health and safety conditions and wages. The average working hours at Oracle Korea is about 80-100 hours per week, yet most workers have seen no wage increase over the last 10 years. These workers are calling on international support in their struggle for justice and human rights. This video was distributed on 7/8/18 For additional media:…………

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