Whose Selling Who? The A’s Stadium & The Destruction of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland 5/13/19

ILWU longshore workers, A’s supporters and President Dave Kava and other trade unonists discuss the issue of the development of a new A’s stadium on the Howard Terminal in the Port of Oakland. The Alameda Labor Council, Unite HERE 2850  and the Alameda Building Trades were supporting the stadium.

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Haiti May Day 2019 & The CODEV Workers Walk Out

Hatian workers went on strike on May Day. Since Monday, workers at the CODEVI, is engaging on a strike of 98% participation. The strike is against  taxes extracted from their salaries… Strike may continue today..

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ILWU 10 Speakers Protest John Fisher A’s Stadium On Howard Terminal At Oakland Port Commission

ILWU Local 10 members and others on 5/9/19  protested the proposed deal by the Oakland Port Commission to allow billionaire John Fisher to build an A’s stadium on Howard Terminal along with 4,000 $1 million dollar condos.The commission has been in secret meetings with Fisher who also owns the GAP corporation and runs the KIPP and Rocketship charter school chain to build the stadium. It would threaten many maritime jobs and also drive out the African American working class community in West Oakland. The mayor Libby Shaft is supporting the stadium despite community and labor opposition.

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Sara Nelson AFA CWA President At May Day Oakland Howard Terminal
On May Day 2019 international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, AFA CWA Sara Nelson attended the May Day Oakland Howard Terminal where a ballpark threatens longshore drives. She was interviewed by KPFA WorkWeek Steve Zeltzer about here participation in Oakland and the issues facing working people. She had called for a general strike against the Trump government shutdown.
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This Is Our Port-May Day 2019 Speakers At Oakland Howard Terminal
On May Day 2019 OEA Pres Keith Brown On The Stadium, Port, ILWU & Public Education
On May Day, Canadian Native American ILWU 500 Unionist Joeen Karen Speaks In Oakland For Solidarity
“It’s Insane!” ILWU Longshore Workers & Truckers Challenge Oakland A’s Billionaire Owner John Fisher’s Land Grab Of Howard Terminal
ILWU 10, May Day 2019, The A’s Port Stadium, Privatization & Gentrification In Oakland
A’s Billionaire Owner Fisher Loses Laney College Land Grab-Labor Community Speak Out
Laney Land Not For Sale! Community, Students & Faculty Rally Against A’s Land Grab Of College Land
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UBER Killed My Car! Drivers United Will Never Be Defeated! UBER Global Day Of Action In SF

On a global day of action against UBER and Lfyt on May 8, 2019,​ hundreds of drivers in San Francisco rallied at the headquarters of UBER on Market St days before an IPO valued at $90 billion will take place. They discussed the massive exploitation and continuing wage cuts driving their living conditions down and making them virtually slave laborers. Drivers are also spending 60 & 70 hours on the road threatening ​their health and safety and that of the public.

Rideshare Wage Calculator Exposes Hidden Costs Of Driving For UBER and LYFT https://www.teamsters117.org/rideshar…

UK UBER Drivers Organize & Fight Back With UPH Chair James Farrar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxOPa…

Tyranny of the algorithm: how Uber replaced one exploitative boss with another https://www.newstatesman.com/politics…

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UBER BLOWBACK With Author Steve Hill

Journalist and author Steve Hill talks about the growing social crisis for UBER/Lyft drivers and communities. The “disruption” role that these digital platforms cause are discussed. A national strike action will also be taking place on 5/8/19 ahead of the upcoming IPO with a supposed value of $90 billion.

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